Let's Get Away From It All: Local Beach Version

Things have been a bit stress bombish than usual over here lately. Shocker, for a house with two teens and one tween, I know. So I was even more grateful than grateful when Leo and I found ourselves by ourselves a few days ago, with a free afternoon to boot.

We bolted for the Coast, as we do every chance we get. And we went to our favorite beach. And we lolled in the sun-warmed pebbles at our favorite beach. (By "we" I do not mean only Leo. I mean I took the photo below as I was also lolling, alongside Leo.)

[image: white teen boy with curly brown hair lying on
his side on a pebbled beach, seen from the top of his head,
with the ocean, clouds, and blue sky in the background.]
And we ran our hands through the beautiful warm pebbles, marveling at how they felt when they slipped through our fingers, or changed temperature to a surprising coolness a few inches below the surface.

[image: close up of a pinkish thumb and forefinger,
and lots of multi-colored pebbles.]
We stayed until Leo felt it was time to go, as we had nowhere else to be. Nowhere else to be! Such a luxury, for we two typically overscheduled reprentatives of our almost always overscheduled family of five.

[image: White teen boy wearing a blue t-shirt and
beige shorts, seen from behind, walking along a beach
lined by small bluffs.]

Since you weren't there, I got you a souvenir. Here is a sixty-second video of the ocean being lovely and soothing for us. Pull this out of your pocket whenever you need a virtual seashore visit.

[video description: sixty seconds of ocean waves rolling on
and off the beach at a small cove surrounded by bluffs & rocks.]

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