Things You Should Eat: Nutella on Tortilla Chips

For a very long time -- about twenty years -- I firmly believed a Digestive biscuit with a swipe of Nutella was one of the best things a person could ever hope to eat.

With good reason: back when I lived in Ghana as a college exchange student and factory-made sweets weren't always easy to find, we could usually get Digestive biscuits (and Walker's shortbread, another Achilles heel of mine) from street vendors. While the biscuits were a treat on their own, what my fellow exchange students and I truly lusted was Nutella to put on them. We weren't able to find Nutella easily in 1990, nor was it a reasonable purchase (about $20/jar at specialty import stores, if I recall correctly). But we would occasionally pool our funds, buy a single jar, and huddle in a pack, eating our Digestives with this ambrosia on top.

(Of course once I returned home to the U.S., I lusted after no-longer-available Ghanaian specialties, like kelewele and fufu and kenkey. I should have appreciated them more at the time. And I craved them -- and the company of my Ghanaian friends -- so much I've been back to Ghana twice. But I digress.)
[image: round sweet Digestive biscuit with a swipe of
dark brown chocolate Nutella.]

My current ability to have Nutella around whenever I like has never ceased to delight me. (My family shares this sentiment, thought not for the same reasons.) Nutella on hand also pleases most visiting children.

And sometimes those kids surprise me. Like when when of Mali's friends insisted I try Nutella on tortilla chips. In hindsight, the scrumptiousness of the combination shouldn't have surprised me -- my favorite chocolate bar has cornflakes in it, after all. And it helps that we generally have good, thick chips on hand -- I won't have Doritos or Tostitos or bulk Costco crap in THIS house. (If you have access to good corn tortillas, you can even make your own chips.)

[image: triangular yellow-brown tortilla chip
with a swipe of dark brown Nutella.]
With those good tortilla chips, this combination is pure deliciousness. Even better than Nutella on Digestives, a phrase I previously considered inconceivable. Trust me. Try it. Then come back and tell me what you think.

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