Another Late Leelo Night; Good Leelo Language

10:46 PM. Leelo is still singing in his bed. I just got here; Seymour took the crappy 90 minute bedtime boomerang shift while I nursed down an exhausted Mali in front of the latest TiVo offering.

Last night I said there wasn't anything different yesterday to explain Leelo's late night except the change in dosage and switch to extended/short acting combo. Well, I am stupid and in addition what I wrote was not true. Leelo also had a smoothie yesterday, and I forgot to give him his morning multivitamin/probiotic/calcium powder/rice milk cocktail. So, perhaps. His feel-good B vitamins were AWOL and sugar is devil dust for our boy.

Today Leelo refused to eat the toast that contained his morning short-acting dose and so only had the extended release dose (5 mg) of Adderupp. And his day went pretty well. Still a touch of that creepy remoteness in the morning, but otherwise he seemed fairly engaged.

He was also using a lot of really good language, telling Therapist L, "Don't do that!" when she sat on the seesaw in a manner contrary to his ideal (i.e., side saddle). He was also very vocal in letting me know how much he wanted a glass of lemonade, and when I refused to give him a fourth (1 cm deep) cup, tried to help himself to the jug. We'll be finding sticky spots in the kitchen for many days.

Also cool: He not only sat and "read" two of his perennial favorite books to himself, he also acted them out. "Teletubbies love to jump!" and then he jumped. "Teletubbies love to roll!" and then he rolled. Not Shakespeare or Ibsen, but it was all spontaneous and unprecedented.

I think we might keep him on this accidental dose for a bit and see what happens.


Mali is making me wince, she is so damn cute. She must be on to our prostrating ourselves and then granting her every wish upon her saying, "Peeeeease, Mommy," or "Peeeeeease, Daddy" because she is saying both a lot. When I get my camera back I will try to record it. If I'm not looking at my daughters I sometimes get confused as to whether it's her or Iz speaking, but then I remember that Iz would never use the word "please" without a five minute preface as to why she both deserved and needed the requested item or service.

Also Mali surprised me again today with another quick-study BAM! moment. It occurred to me that sometimes people give babies things other than tupperware or discarded pen caps to play with, so I got out one of Leelo's old puzzles and let her chew on it. Then she clued into its intended possibilities--but after getting irritated with the pieces not fitting in sideways, she asked me to help her. I showed her--once--my trusty match-bottom-and-let-flop technique, and she immediately put all the pieces in correctly. Maybe toys aren't so bad.

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