More Adderupp Hmmmmm

It is 11:30 PM and Leelo is still not asleep. He didn't wake up until a shockingly slothful 8:00 AM this morning, but if he was merely shifting his schedule then he should have been down by 10:30.

Even though he has had similar past late-night episodes, we can usually easily trace the cause. But today there was no major schedule change, plus he got to spend most of the afternoon swimming at our local lake--sunny water play is usually a guaranteed soporific.

Today was our first day on the combination extended release/short acting release Adderupp. It would be easy enough to blame the drug--especially as I'm so skeptical of it--but Leelo otherwise had a fairly good day. Not ideal, but only a middling noontime tantrum. We'll need to ride this out for a few more days to see if the pattern is consistent.

As for the Lake, we will probably get summer memberships next year. All three of our kids turned into goofy little fish the moment they hopped in the water. In the mean time we can go when we like with our neighbors who are members (and who invited us this time). It will be a nice way to circumvent the Satan's Pool conundrum--though I will still gladly accept any invitations to take Leelo swimming there, too.

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