Much Mas Leelo Milestones. Plus One for Mali.

Much Mas Leelo Milestones. Plus One for Mali.

Leelo is sleeping in regular summer pajamas for the second night in a row. We haven't had shitstorms in a while and it is inhumane to make him sleep in turned-backwards footie pajamas.

He has gone up the stairs rather than insisting on taking the elevator at school, two days in a row. His choice, no tantrums involved. I wonder what he would do if I tried to get him to take the elevator? Perhaps this 5 mg Adderupp extended is the right balance after all.

Leelo's new trampoline is no more. He used it all day every day and so blew it out in less than three months. I knew its elastic rope was fraying but didn't think it would snap so soon. I have placed a desperate email to the manufacturer asking about getting several replacements.

Mali's hair--well, the back part of Mali's hair--is long enough to braid. It is still extremely thin and wispy and so the pigtail looks very silly.

Iz's friend Napa even called Mali's braid "pathetic," but then she also asserted to Iz that "Girls do not collect action figures." (Did I step in with a contradictory statement supported by several personal examples? Perhaps.) Not sure whether to ban Napa and her running commentary of similar statements from our house, or to plan a junior feminist indoctrination campaign. Iz will be going to school with her in the Fall, so we can't simply avoid her.

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