Help Now Please: Autism Family's House Burns Down

Help Now Please: Autism Family's House Burns Down

Lea Hernandez's house burned down last night. All the humans are safe, but many pets were lost and half of the house was destroyed.

Those of you who read Lea's blog know how cracklingly intelligent and searingly hilarious she is, and what a fierce mother bear she is for her two kids, including her wonderful "PDD-NOShit" Boy. We all know how hard it can be to manage the most humdrum days with our spectrum kids. Imagine her and her husband trying to juggle their regular stressors during one of the worst family crises imaginable.

Lea is a kick-ass author and artist who works from a home studio. The fire destroyed her means of livelihood. She needs to replace her supplies so that she can work so that she can support her family.

She has been very honest in asking for straight-ahead donations in lieu of shippable items. You can donate via PayPal using her email address: divalea@gmail.com.

Thank you.


P.S. Lea is in Texas. She is not local.

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