Stay Away, Go Back to Your Pond

Stay Away, Go Back to Your Pond

I have had it with narcissists. Just got off the phone after a fifteen minute conversation that my head ached too much to really hold, with someone whose only response to any statement or response by me was to turn it back around to this person's own life and how similar situations play out for him or her. This is how all conversations with this person go.

I have written about this before, and am frequently guilty of this irritating conversational mirroring myself, but for fuck's sake--right now I am really trying hard to be a better listener and wish that some people would consider listening as well. Is it competitiveness? Sometimes I think so, other times when I am in a more charitable mood (not today) I think it's an attempt to be empathetic. But mostly it is just really fucking annoying, especially when it is obvious that a person desires my presence only so they can talk at rather than with me. Get yourself a bobblehead doll, and leave me alone.

Plus I am very overwhelmed and sleep deprived, and feeling helpless about the world in general.

But, yay, Signora Blog came over this afternoon with her kids, which was busy but appreciated, and then Sage called to ask me out to coffee. Plus Bad Mom coffee was this morning, and even though I was the one who (as usual) talked too much, and even though Godmother Stacy was not there, Seymour was and he watched Mali most of the time so I could talk with my lovely friends.

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