Why Don't You Just Ask Him Yourself?

Why Don't You Just Ask Him Yourself?

Iz has been bugging me to let her watch the documentary When the Levees Broke by Spike Lee. She wants to know more about Hurricane Katrina, more about how this kind of disaster could have happened in a city which lies within the same national boundaries as her home town. She cannot wrap her head around how the people in charge let this happen, and she wants details.

I told her that she might be able to watch the film, but that I'd have to review it first. Which I plan to do, but things have been especially nutty lately and I haven't gotten past the first twenty minutes. Iz was getting impatient.

Fortunately, my dad--who has decided that limo driving is the best job there is for a retiree with Aspergers-like tendencies--offhandedly mentioned to me that he'd be picking up Mr. Lee at the airport yesterday. I asked him to make an inquiry for his granddaughter. And then yesterday I got to have the following conversation with Iz:
"Iz, you know how you wanted to watch When the Levees Broke? Well, I'm afraid it's not possible."

"Why not?"

"Well, your grandfather talked to Spike Lee and asked him if it would be okay for you to watch his film. He said definitely not, but that he really appreciated your interest."

"Oh, man!"
Anyone who has pointers to suitable Katrina information for 3rd graders, please let me know.

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