When Iz got dressed for school this morning, guess what she chose to wear? Her Leelo shirt*. Knock me over with a chewy tube.

As much as my oldest drives me crazy, I do so love and admire that she has always been on Leelo's side, and had never tried to downplay or avoid him or his autism, even with her peers, even in a new school where she's still getting to know everyone.

"He is my brother, after all. Of course I'm his friend!"

*Sniff* I hope she always feels this way about Leelo, and continues to be a model of sibling patience--with special dispensation for losing her temper when he destroys her reading contest gift certificates.

*FYI, those "fitted womens" shirts are just all fucked up, from a sizing perspective. XL really means medium, and S really means GIRLS 7 - 8. Iz's shirt was Babysitter A's, until she washed it. And I noticed that Supervisor M's daughter Quintana came over the other day wearing what appeared to be her mom's Leelo shirt. That was Quintana's own choice, as well. Such lovely girls.

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