New Career, New Identity

New Career, New Identity

Great news! Seymour got hired by one of our local NPR affiliates. A kewl job in The City. He made no concessions, the pay is good, the benefits are better, and he will be in a productive and educational environment for the first time in years. Very exciting. He starts in two weeks.

We are off shortly, to celebrate the excellent turn of fortune by plowing through the artfully artery-clogging charcuterie selection at The Town Tavern. This is one of those nights where it's a damn good thing I had my tubes tied--me, alcohol, and birth control are a problematic mixture. I am also grateful for such cheer amidst a week where four of my good friends lost or are about to lose family members. We will toast them while we are still able to hold our glasses upright.


I have changed my personal email address. After almost eight years of emailing like it was 1999--when it was not only novel for my kid to have her own domain but also for me to piggyback on it--I got my own damn domain. You can still use squid@izzy.com, but I will be using squidmund@squidmundrosenberg.com. It is longer in length but shorter in lameness.

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