Post Party Poetry

Post Party Poetry

Seymour's birthday party of two weeks ago turned out wonderfully. The band was crazy-good, the food was spectacular, none of the two hundred (roughly) kids in attendance bit off each other's ears, the adults were also well behaved, and the only gifts given were libations. Oh, and Seymour seemed to have a good time, too!

I also discovered that if one decimates one's garage-adjacent mint forest to set up a self-serve mojito and mint julep bar, then one's friends are going to go nuts and drink themselves into sweet minty oblivion. More than six cans of club soda would be appropriate; a case might do the trick.

Many thanks to Ambah, Jenijen, and the latter's partner for staying to clean up; also to Ep and Clyde for providing cupcakes.

Here are the verses well-wishers composed for my man. I tried to get people to take the first verse and add on, but enthusiasm overcame continuity, and people came up with their own inimitable, self-contained selections.

**erm, Seymour made me take it down. Too embarrassing, he said.

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