Beyond the Sea

Beyond the Sea

Leelo's entire segregated K-1 moderate-to-severe behavioral autism class is going to the beach today. His teacher assured me that he will have the same vigilant 1:1 supervision on this field trip that he does in class. I assured her that he will make a break for the water any chance he gets, and to make sure that he has an aide who can haul ass if need be.

Can't wait to hear how it goes.


Update: Total success! Leelo's teacher wrote in his communication log that my son had a good time at the beach. He liked walking on the sand. He enjoyed splashing in the water. He was very cooperative and didn't hit anyone. He even was able to wait quietly for his turn to use a public bathroom afterwards, and had no toilet accidents for the first school day in over two weeks. I hope this bodes well for the weekend. Go Leelo!

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