Sarah Dopp on Can I Sit With You?

Sarah Dopp on Can I Sit With You?

Our contest for Can I Sit With You? Seattle has opened, with a formidable entry: Sarah Dopp. Here's her story:


While I know that going up against Sarah is not an undertaking for the weak-willed, we could use some more entries. I know that there must be rivers of Seattle-based writers with angsty school yard stories to tell, but I don't know how to find them.

So, I'm asking for help. If you, dear readers, could promote the contest and event on your blog, or if you could spam writey Seattle friends and associates about the contest/gig/show, I would be so very grateful, and will thank you personally right here on this page.

Here is the URL:


Also, while thanks to Jennyalice we do have some online listings going on, this promotional endeavor thing is a bit new to us. I was going to post notices on upcoming.org and socializr.com as well, but would welcome recommendations for other ways to let people know about our amazing show and contest.

With thanks,


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