It's in the Past

It's in the Past

(This is a finally filled-out fragment from a couple of weeks ago.)

Leelo is starting to answer questions about past actions and occurrences.

"Leelo, where did you go today?"
Leelo: "school"

"Leelo, who did you see at school today?"
Leelo: "Lana" (his aide this week; they rotate weekly)

"Leelo, how did you get home from school today? You rode..."
Leelo: "...the bus"

All really excellent! Of course, I only get one reply for each category. And this afternoon when asked who he saw at school today, he named his pediatrician. Still, progress!

Leelo is seeing his beloved friend Sage for speech therapy again. She reports that he is doing great identifying object functions beyond those he has mastered. This means if you were to say "toilet" he would say "poo-poo," or if you were to say, George Bush, he would say, "The man who will be remembered for destroying our country's economy, environment, and reputation."

And in chatting with Jennyalice today, Jake is talking recently, too.

Leelo's also being very insistent about what he wears. Two days ago he insisted on being dressed in green, head-to-toe, including underwear and his stimmy-straw (he has now been in love with straws for more than eighteen months; his ideal love is a clear boba straw with stripes.)

Despite Seymour's continued work stress and long hours and my wondering if I was stupid to try to do for-pay work while Jennyalice and I were also trying to for-real promotions for CISWY Seattle given my continuous demonstration that my day-to-day life without those distractions should really be sublet to someone more competent, this was a good week.

Leelo is going to school full time. That's M, T, Th, F 9:30 - 3:00, and Wed 9:30 - 12:00. He's a bit perturbed by the longer days, because he uses a visual schedule at school and he's got it memorized, and longer days mean a longer schedule, which means he's going to be doing more work. But as it will be predictable work in a structured environment, we should have happy happy Leelo by next week.

Mali is also going to school for longer days. M - F, 9 - 2. If I remain disheveled and my house remains disorganized, it won't be because of that "crazy schedule" excuse.

All three kids had ophthalmology appointments. All three have perfect vision. Iz is getting reading glasses to deal with eye strain, but her doctor is also going to have her do eye exercises. Most people who do the eye exercises properly lose the reading glasses in about a year.

Seymour's parents invited me and Iz to join them for a week in the Queen Charlotte Islands.

I got a real cell phone. Hello, 2008! I had fun explaining to Iz that the Ms. Pac Man on my phone is the exact replica of the great big arcade version that swallowed so many of my quarters in the '80s.

BSG Season Four premiere rocked! Although unfortunately Seymour was so tired from work that he begged off until the next day. I can no longer imagine a world without TiVo.

Mali is being a pain in the ass, but she is also becoming strangely conversational. "Mom, am I going to X's birthday party? Didn't you go to her party with all those ponies at school? "No mom, that was only ONE pony."

I did some real work lately. And finished it, even. Now I just need to get paid. More on that when the project debuts. Seymour connected me up with my first boss from Lalectronic Arts, who might also want me to do some real work. Although he asked me for a CV and writing sample ... cha? I haven't updated my CV in ten years, having gained employment through handshake dealies only during that time.

Probably the thing that made me the very happiest was discovering that, despite my neighbors' protests that they knew of no such thing, there is an entrance to the local open space preserve within walking distance. We checked it out with Ep and her family. It is not as large as the preserve we used to live next to, but it is good enough to get some exercise in, and the views of the Bay, specifically Byair Island, are glorious.

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