Getting the Grump Off My Chest First

Getting the Grump Off My Chest First

Ah, to be back home and merrily steam-cleaning a house in which the cats decided that the only appropriate response to our disappearing for three days was to pee and shit in every corner. Now, our trip was wonderful on so many levels. But the final series of events were grumpifying:

  • Our flight was delayed by an hour.
  • Seymour kindly told me to go have a drink with Jennyalice & the rest of our crew and children while he watched Leelo in the departure lounge. Which was good! Sage fed me pizza, Jennyalice & Descartes bought me drinks, Godfather M took some of Iz's & Mali's pizza to Seymour. But then Leelo proceeded to attack Seymour, causing such a scene that a nearby kindly woman came over and offered to help.
  • Leelo tried to take a shit in his pants during the flight. I hustled him to the bathroom, to discover that Leelo, me, and a backpack with changing supplies are more excitement than a single airplane bathroom can contain. Had to resort to holding the backpack over my head while Leelo did the rest of his business. I'm not sure exactly how I changed his pants and underwear.
  • After disembarking and picking up our bags, we walked into the parking garage to discover that Miss Mali must have done her "Ha ha, I turned on the interior lights" trick while we were unloading the car for our outbound flight and were too busy to notice. The car battery was completely dead. AAA took over an hour to arrive. We were not ready to go until 9:30 PM, a good hour past the kids' bedtimes, on a school night.
  • While we were waiting for AAA, Leelo demonstrated his complete obliviousness to traffic safety by running out in front of a huge black sedan, and was yanked back by Seymour only a couple of feet away from its fender.
Despite all this, despite the fact that Leelo had an episode in the middle of the post-CISWY Seattle that took out Babysitter A and me in the space of five minutes, despite the fact that Leelo simply did not sleep and so neither did we for the entire weekend, I would happily do this trip all over again. The non-shitty parts and the amazing people were that good. (Although, since Seymour took the bulk of the wee hours Leelo care, it will take very careful planning on all of our parts before he agrees to travel with Leelo again any time soon).

I just wish we could figure out how Leelo can have a better time traveling. We are very much a traveling kind of family.

The crazy-amazing-fantastic parts of the weekend are coming later, I swear. In the meantime, I give you Miss Piggy. TOTALLY NSFW.

(Fanks to Minnie for the link.)

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