Good Manners

Good Manners

Leelo and Mali and I were shopping for groceries at The Hole. I was at the counter refilling the caffeine tank while Mali squalled about something (probably "I am NOT contrarious!" or "I WISH I had a cookie right now") and didn't notice Leelo slip off to the free tiny cups of water cooler.

After a beat I realized my son was not beside me, and turned around to see him getting a cup of water from a Hole worker. "He asked me for water so nicely!" she said. "Your son is so polite!"

Oh yes, he can be. He can be. Sweet and clever and handsome, too. This has been a particularly good week for Leelo's language, self-control, and affection. I am proud, but more importantly, I can tell that he is proud, too.

I was telling Leelo's fabulous new QA supervisor, EAP, about the water incident. She laughed, and told me that she can't believe the shit supposedly typical kids get away with in public. She said that none of the kids she works with would *ever* attempt the hijinks of their typical peers. So there's something to be said for hundreds and hundreds of hours of one-on-one social skills tutoring.

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