My List of Leelo Home Program Areas to Work On

My List of Leelo Home Program Areas to Work On

Leelo's home team is meeting tomorrow for the first time in a few months (our schedules have not been compatible lately). Leelo is doing a lot of amazing things, has made a lot of progress in this last quarter. But the last few weeks have been rough. I sent Supervisor M the list below to detail what I'd like to see emphasized in his home program.

-Managing violence. When Leelo gets really upset, he hits, scratches, and pulls hair, and is starting to really hurt both me and Seymour.

-Increasing tolerance for drops of water on his shirt. I understand that it is unpleasant to wear a shirt with a bit wet spot on it, but Leelo freaks if he even thinks a drop of water gets on his shirt. He went through four outfits -- including six shirts -- on Saturday. I have been having some luck getting him to keep the shirts on/distracting him with LOTS of veggie booty and straw reinforcers.

-Bolting/Traffic Safety. On Sunday night he ran right out in front of a car in a parking garage, though Seymour yanked him back. Leelo had no awareness of the car whatsoever. This bolting might be a problem if he is to move to an inclusive campus in two years. At his current (segregated campus) school, any loose kid needs immediate attention. Not necessarily the case at a school that includes typical kids.

-Teaching me and Seymour to use TeachTown so we can help Leo with it, too.

-Generalizing the shapes of real-world objects. He is finally starting to do this; previously the only attribute RW objects had was color. Yay!

-Better hand washing. His hands frequently smell awful post-toileting (i.e., like ass), and we have to help him re-wash them.

-Keeping his shoes on in the car. This is driving me and the bus drivers crazy. I reinforce him vocally and continuously for keeping his shoes on during car trips, but too often as soon as we arrive at our destination the shoes get kicked off.

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