Squid News

Squid News

This video report on the Humboldt squid now percolates through my nightmares. Beaks! Huge parrot-like beaks!

I told my mom about the Humboldt squid invasion. She proceeded to tell me that she'd heard some of them even jump onto boats and attack people.

Me: "Mom, do you remember when I was little and I used to be too scared to go to bed because I thought giant squids would get me?"

Mom: "I thought you were afraid of giant earwigs?"

Me: "Yes, and giant squid, too. And the way I feel hasn't really changed."

Mom: "Oh. Well, tell Seymour that they did a really great job on that report."


In other squid news, check out this sexy, retro-2004 link: www.squidalicious.com

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