Can I Sit With You, Too? Cover Art by Lea Hernandez

Can I Sit With You, Too? Cover Art by Lea Hernandez

This art will grace the cover of the second Can I Sit With You? book, which will be published in mid-November 2008.

Here are the notes as to how Lea Hernandez created this incredibly detailed sculptured doll tableaux.

What you need to know is that Lea, also a mother of children with special needs, donated her time, materials, and this image to Can I Sit With You?, even though she herself is asking for commissions so that she can resuscitate her dead car.

Thank, you, Lea. You and your art are amazing, and we are grateful for your contribution to this project.

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  1. *love* the platypus costume! :-)

  2. Thank you!

    I was really afraid the platypus costume would not read as such. I was going to make the platypus costume, then chickened out and has already made a Cowardly Lion wig, when I saw your platypus t-shirt, Cap'n.
    I saw it as a reminder to not be afraid of people not "getting" why there was a platypus, and finished it.

  3. looking and looking forward to it!


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