Halloween at Cal Academy

The girls were out of school today but Leelo was not, so we dressed our boy in his very best pajama-like and non-sensory-triggering Obi Wan Kenobi costume, dropped him off at school, and spent our Halloween daytime getting our minds blown at the new Cal Academy. We were supposed to go with Jennyalice, but both of our phones wigged out. I saw her car on the way out and left a straw wedged in her the driver's side door handle, so she'd know we'd been there. (Straws are Leelo's calling card.)

Iz and her friend Emma geeked out intensely. They especially liked the new planetarium, the Foucault's pendulum, and the interactive everything.

Mali liked the Bugs! movie, cracked up the entire audience when the docent told us to enjoy ourselves by announcing to everyone, "We will!", and even wore her 3D glasses part of the time.

I enjoyed hearing a voice I recognized, turning around, and realizing I was standing next to the man who inspired the Halloween costumes of thousands of disaffected teens, Malcolm McDowell. I didn't approach or even acknowledge him as my Halloween costume is a TNG alternate future communicator badge (I am a Dept. of Temporal Investigations agent doing undercover research on 21st century Terrans), and I suspect that after his role in Generations he has grown a bit leery of anything Trek-related.

The place was crowded, and I wanted to scope it out before bringing Leelo there, but I still missed my son. Especially when a boy came up and moved my hand off a rail without so much as looking me in the eye. His father apologized, but I just smiled and laughed and said, "No problem." I didn't tell him that I had one of those beautiful boys myself, that I was missing Leelo anyhow and that seeing his son made my heart ache, and that I totally understood. Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm merely a nice person, instead of one who has been conscripted into empathy.

Happy Halloween, everyone.

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  1. Freedom can be costly.

    Happy Halloween

  2. Anonymous6:32 PM

    You got a way with words, guapita.

  3. "conscripted into empathy" yup. Little Man had a rough day today. I am grateful he has respite tomorrow, cause I am needing a break.

  4. When someone does the smile and laugh, you know they have one of the beautiful boys.

    I wish I had seen Malcom McDowell. He is AWESOME. (I've had a crush on him for years.)

  5. You didn't tell me you saw LINDERMAN! I know exactly who you're talking about NOW...thanks for fun yesterday. Sorry we missed you at the museum.


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