Our Babies Ride the Short Bus*

Our Babies Ride the Short Bus
Sculpture by Patrick Amiot & Brigitte Laurent. Note the "No on Prop 8" sign held by the driver.

My friends and I spent the entirety of yesterday in the Sebastopol area, reveling in plentiful art, artists, conversation, and delicious foods. As we hopped from studio to studio along the ArTrails route, we spied this sculpture of the bus that takes our children to school each day. A picture had to be taken. (We did ask permission.)

As we posed, a man walked up and gave us good-natured grief about taking pictures in front of his house. "But we asked!" we chorused. Turns out this gentleman actually drives this bus -- is the actual driver in the sculpture. He drives kids just like ours -- the elementary school-aged harness kids. He got us and we got him and our day was that much the better for it -- and we hadn't yet arrived at the restaurant with the kir royales!

Love my friends, love our husbands who have no problem going solo with the kids so that we friends could have a full day of fun -- together. Glad I could provide a timely birthday as justification. Just wish that Sage could have made it work, too.

*My Baby Rides the Short Bus is a book about parenting special needs kids without pity and with extra passion. It comes out in a few months and features stories by two of the four women in this photo.


  1. Please send me the photo too! We should probably send it to the Short Bus Book folks...

    I had a great time Squid. Thanks for getting older, and being wise enough to know all about ArTrails!

  2. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Glad you all had a great day out--you ALL need & deserve it!

    Maybe next time you can rent a limo so no one has to drive...

  3. Anonymous3:44 PM

    OMG we were in Sebas too! next time you go text me

  4. @gm stacy Were you there with your children? We didn't really want to see any children. :P


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