Leelo Is Going to Camp!

Leelo got in! He will be a 1:1 camper at a local camp for a mid-November weekend. I am so excited for my son, for his opportunity to try being an independent boy during a weekend completely dedicated to fun.

I am not going to tell you the name of the camp Leelo is going to, however, because while the camp staff is kind and altruistic, the signup process is quite horrible, and until it is made better or more 1:1 spots are created it is probably best to not publicize this particular camp.

Our friend Beth made a post-work journey to the camp offices yesterday evening, to write the names of Jennyalice, DoubleTrouble, me, and herself on a list that had been posted on the camp office door. By the time Beth arrived at 6:30 PM, we could only get #'s 15 - 18 on that list.

We arrived at the offices at 3:30 AM, the office doors opened at 8 AM, they called us in by our list numbers, and our families' kids got *the very last* 1:1 spots for the entire year. The twenty or so parents after us, who had also been waiting since the wee hours, who had also been hoping for one of those spots, were vocally and loudly not pleased. Nor would I be.

It was an emotional and draining process, one we'll be doing again in the new year when it's time to sign up for summer camp. But I really enjoyed getting to spend time with my girlfriends, and meeting some really amazing people with really amazing stories while we waited around. And Leelo is going to camp. His friends are going to camp.

Another happy day!

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  1. hey congrats on the vespa! and glad you were able to get one of the last spots for Leelo at camp! do something fun with the rest of the family and enjoy the time while Leelo is having fun @camp (and enjoy letting your guard down a little bit).

  2. Anonymous7:01 PM

    What a great opportunity for Leelo! What amazing experiences he'll have.

    When he goes...exhale!

  3. yay yay yay! was just talking to Jim tonight about camp plans next August for camp at the YMCA.


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