No on Prop 8 Demonstration!

Zelly's No on Prop 8 Flyer
Iz's No on Prop 8! Flyer (a spontaneous effort, btw)

What: *No on 8 Demonstration*
When: *Friday, October 24, from 4:30 to 7:00 pm*
Where: Redwood City, corners of *El Camino Real & Jefferson*
Who: All supporters of No on 8
How: Please bring your own signage; this is being organized by citizens
Why: To put a public face on the diversity of supporters against Prop 8; to demonstrate the importance of protecting equal rights for all Californians.

***UPDATE*** from the No on Prop 8 Campaign Folks:

Because this has also been a site of Yes on 8 supporters, it is imperative to demonstrate in a manner that is peaceful and nonconfrontational.

Because research shows that consistent messaging creates positive impact of the message, the campaign is requesting that NO ONE SPEAK TO THE MEDIA if they arrive.
Please direct all requests for comments to Allie Bay 916-284-9187 or 916-554-7683. Please bring this information with you in case you need it.

Again, to achieve consistent messaging, yard signs and/or previously printed signs from the No on 8 campaign are best. If these are unavailable and you bring handmade signs, please use the following key words: UNFAIR, WRONG, UNNECESSARY, and NO ON 8.

Thanks for your support! I don't know that I'll be able to go as Mali and Leelo aren't much for prolonged standing on street corners, but wanted to spread the word.

Please also check out these videos clarifying why Prop 8 is unfair and an affront to civil rights. Forward them to your friends, and family:

And what the hell, as long as we've got the nose-tweaking videos going on: [note: includes violence and profanity]

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  1. Hummm, Squid?
    can you put a small warning to the mild violence and foul language in the last video. I was watching them with Alfredo, and had to quickly turn it off, with his saying "cool" at the guy beating the woman....

  2. Dude, I do not let my kids anywhere near this blog! But sure, point taken. Although I hear Leelo's bus so it might be a bit.

  3. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Sadly I have a previous engagement. Jo said, "Baby's first arrest!".

    I voted today.


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