A nice quiet morning. Seymour went to Iron Gate to do our 90 minutes of required summer school maintenance (canonize him now) while I hung out with the kiddlings and thought about all the nice things we'd eat tonight with our from-scratch pizza making food snob friends KV, PV, and JM.

But--I forgot to pull the upper bolt on the front door after Seymour left, and so didn't hear Leelo slip out the front door while I was doing Iz's hair. Two minutes later, I went in search of him due to wondering what all the quiet was about (Leelo silence usually indicates he's trying to catch our Frantic Fish, or is having Fun with Feces) and saw the open front door. Instant panic.

"Iz, watch Mali!" I yelled as I bolted out to the yard and saw Leelo nowhere. I ran, barefoot and balls-out, down the driveway and down the length of our very long dead end street. Leelo was nowhere. All sorts of visions of him on narrow, twisty, racecourse Lacvue were flashing in front of my eyes. Then I bumped into a lady who was walking her dogs, and who had just made a circuit of our street. She had seen Leelo nowhere. Whew. Back to my house at a full clip, hoping that Iz really was watching Mali and that the baby hadn't rolled over to and down the stairs in my absence. And there was Leelo, sitting on the back deck stairs right in the front stairs/driveway blind spot, singing a song to himself. Gaaah and Hallelujah!

I was especially worried because he's been asking to take lots of walks down our street lately, and I thought he might have decided to see what doing so on his own would be like. Maybe he would get to romp down the poison oaken hillside that separates our street from the still-full creek, maybe he would get to explore our neighbor the builder's street-level, hardware and dangerous tool-filled, and almost always open garage. Maybe I won't think of what else he could have done.

Mali was fine. Iz was fine. Leelo was miffed about having to go inside. Not sure about me.

In good or at least interesting news, Leelo continues to be a potty king, with 18 or so successful potty missions yesterday.

And Mali sprouted her first tooth!

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