Apologies for that last pathetic post. I was trying to convey my inability to deal with social and scheduling overload. All I need is a mellow hour or two to myself (even with Mali) and my world rights itself. I can't handle three straight days of being intensely, socially "on," especially without any kind of break. Even if I'm with my family, friends and/or bestest cousin in the whole world. Even with coffee. Even if I have a drink.

I was excited about getting to have breakfast with just Iz and Mali this morning. Iz and I rarely get mommy/daughter morning time, which is too bad as that's when she and I are both at our best. My cousin called as we were going out the door, though, so he and Elise and Danielle (they're his nieces; he is staying at JP's house) came with us to Bollucks in Sidewood. It wasn't a bad thing, just a different thing. Iz was excited about sharing the supremely cool manga drawing book she stole from me, and the girls spent all their non-eating time drawing manga girl heads.

On the way back, Therapist L called to cancel her afternoon session due to illness. So much for my mellow afternoon plans of going to the pool with my cousin, JP, Iz, and everyone except Leelo.

The rest of the crew then decided to go to the coast instead. I decided not to go. Too much work to prep all three kids and my bikini area, too little time in which to do so. And who would keep an eye on all three of my kids? Not me, I tell you.

Those kind folks took Iz with them. My girl went boogie boarding for the first time. Apparently she had a rollicking time, despite riding in backwards on her first wave, and getting a sand burn on her leg. Seymour, my cousin, and I all assured her that the such burns are badges of honor for all wave-riding creatures.

Oh, Iz had her six-year checkup yesterday, five months late. She is 50th percentile for weight, 25th for height. She needs to take in more calcium. She told the doctor that she only watches 30 minutes of TV each day (yeah, right). The doctor told her that that was more than enough, to my amusement.

Leelo had a good today despite Therapist L and Babysitter A canceling their sessions. I remembered his B12 shot for the first time in ages, and also got him to drink a low-sugar smoothie of bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and rice milk. He has been back on (asking for and getting) vegggie booty for about five days.

Mali has become a truly social girl. Very into having "conversations" with non-parent people, e.g., Ep, JP, my cousin. Her hair is looking very dark, though it is still thin enough that her scalp peeks through. Eyes still light blue. Still a darling girl.

Leelo has taken to giving her smacks. He's gotten her three times so far. We have increased our vigilance. The last one happened yesterday during a grocery shopping trip; he was in the shopping cart's seat, she was inches away from him in my front carrier. He smacked her right in the face, open palmed, hard enough to make a sound. She was so surprise that she didn't even cry, but just made a sad face.

I am so tired that this is pure dribble (and no I didn't misspell that) and I am going to go to bed.

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