The Well-Intentioned Asshole

Something I've been pondering since the hot 1esbian gir1friend entry below:

Are you no longer an asshole if, when confronted with your prejudices, you acknowledge and try to shed them? Are we assholes only when we consciously retain our assholey opinions and outlook?

I ask because I say stupid shit all the time, and only realize how much of a dick I'm being after the words exit my mouth.

And speaking of good intentions, my little afterthought baby Mali took an almost two-hour nap this afternoon. Unheard of! She normally snatches 10-20 minute naps here and there, all day long.

She got in that epic snooze because Babysitter A and Seymour took the two big kids to a birthday party at the Crayon Park/Ex-mercury mine, and I was nursing and holding her the whole time. Okay, and also reading and fiddling with our TeeVo setup (we were paying for twenty more channels than TeeVo was acknowledging).

But it makes me worry that she is long-term sleep deprived. And maybe sleep deprivation is an autism trigger. Aaaaaah!

Let's see, what else can I worry about?

I am still bone tired, but cannot resist the siren song of Jo's housewarming party (probably revving up as I write). I think we will try not to stay too long, as I am kicking Seymour out of the house to go Father's Day mountain biking all day tomorrow, and need to conserve some of my sanity.

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