Adios, Amiga

It's official. Iz is fluent in Spanish. Her tutor said that, as much as she loves working with our girl, Iz doesn't need her any more. Next week will be their last session together. Which is too bad in that Maestra L. will be missed, but good in that it frees up another afternoon for our girl to just be a kid and run free free free! Or whine about wanting to watch TV.

Depending on how the Spanish program is at Big Noggin (and whether or not Iz gets in), we may need to Maestra L. back in a year or so, anyhow.

In the meantime, Iz is wandering around singing J. Joplin's Mercedes song. She cannot believe that there was ever a time when color TVs were a big deal. I told her that it is similar to how people view flatscreen TVs nowadays. Although, since there is a flatscreen TV in her room on her grandparents' boat, she is still lacking proper context.

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