Back in the Office

I got booted off the computer for two days. My brother the pilot, his girlfriend, and 14-week-old baby Picard (cute!) arrived for a surprise, whirlwind visit, and replaced our computer chair with a porta-crib (our quarters are teeny). Seymour had the laptop at work, so I was an analog girl until the guests left this A.M.

Still battling bronchitis. GO AWAY! says I. This sucks, especially the part with the spasmodic cough that leaves me gasping and hitching. I don't want to go to the Dr. because she will most likely throw drugs at me, and I've not taken so much as a Tylenol since getting knocked up. Badger, veteran of many an interminable bronchitis bout, had much good advice about steam and garlic, etc.

Meanwhile I feel oozy and lightheaded, my chest hurts, I'm very tired, and I am wondering if I can beg yet another night off from beleaguered Seymour. I am also thinking that people who get sick more frequently than I do are probably not so whiny and wimpy about it. I just want to sleep!

Leelo is sick too, with a lingering cold. For him, being ill means crap crap crappy ABA sessions. He seems a bit better, and he still did have some good progress such as multiple pees in the potty, but before today he was all vocalizations, jumping, and poor eye contact. The eye contact got so evasive that Therapist L had to resort to basic holding-cheesy-puff-at-eye-level tactics to gain compliance. The therapists haven't needed to to do that for months.

Now of course I am fretting about whether or not the illness and behavior are stemming from the dairy reintroduction we implemented twelve days ago. Aiigh! Why do these things always happen simultaneously? I am forcing myself to be rational, and acknowledge that if he is still "off" after the cold goes away, then we will have reason to worry.

Seymour has asked that we ban P33-W33 Herman for the time being. "He's Leelo's favorite!" I whine. "Yes," says Seymour, "but P33-Wee constantly demonstrates random vocalizations, hand-flapping, and the sort of spazzy behavior we're trying to help Leelo contain."

Oh. Fuck. He's right.

I've pawned Iz off on neighbor Tea and her babysitter. Let's see how the boy likes DS9 repeats. (In case you think I'm an unsalvageable dork, please let it be known that I'm not the one who named my daughter Ezri. That was one of my fellow churchgoers.)

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