I have a gross lung/respiratory/super-phlegm thing going on, so, briefly:

-We put Leelo back on dairy five days ago. No pure milk yet, just things with dairy in them, like Cheerios, naan bread, croissants. He is in heaven, and I've never seen food disappear that fast without prestidigitation.

-I had an OB checkup six days ago. Got to hear the wee heart go thump thump thump--excellent. Everything seems fine. My doctor isn't worried about my not making it to the hospital in time; she says I should get in the car and go the moment I start having real contractions. Oh, and I had my blood drawn for the AFP blood test yesterday (screening for neural tube defects, etc.). Results in a week, they say.

-Seymour and I cornered the Esperanza principal after the orientation on Friday. I will have to write more about that later, since I feel like crapola. Short version: She doesn't really seem to want to deal with us, but said she'd call us by the end of this week. Not terribly reassuring.

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