Live at Madison Square Garden!

It's 2:00. I am supposed to be at Leelo's accupressure appointment. Although in order to arrange that I had to beg a pick-up favor from Ep, since Iz's school also gets out at 2:00.

But I'm not wrassling with Leelo in order to get his howling, flailing little body to comply with the accupressure treatment, nor am I running after him on the lawn of Iz's school, hoping that I'm still fast enough to intercept him before he makes it to the parking lot.

Instead, I am taking a breather while Leelo watches a video, and watching my conscience get pinned to the mat by my common sense.

Why? Well, my 14-weeks along belly has been feeling twingey lately. Twingey in a way that could be stretching pains, or could be contractions. It's most likely the former.

But I have to remind myself that, the last time I didn't listen to my common sense and worked my arse off and stressed myself out (during Iz's pregnancy), I got my butt slapped on bedrest for two entire months.

I can't take that risk again. There is no way I can go on bedrest during this pregnancy.

So, I am going to relax as much as I can for the next 45 minutes. Ep, I'll be by to get Iz in an hour. Thanks for understanding.

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