Less Poking

Leelo is off accupressure as of Saturday's nightmare session. He will no longer sit still, and I no longer have the strength or stamina to wrestle him into compliance. Whew! I am happy to axe that hour of driving from our schedule.

I think we've gotten all he needed from the sessions, anyhow--Leelo seems fully clear of the food allergies that brought us there in the first place.

One of the funnies about this practice is that the woman who owns it is married to our DAN doctor. She is not the only accupressurist he recommends; our choosing her was chance. But their never-discussed partnership brings about the occasional weird event chains, such as my getting a call from her receptionist this morning, recommending that I go see the DAN doctor. Apparently he wants to put me on a homeopathic treatment regimen to counteract the food allergies he suspects I am passing along to my kiddies in utero--including this new one.

The ookiness, to me, is that I haven't spoken to him personally since I got knocked up. And Iz isn't allergic to anything except clean up time.

Whoops--Iz just smushed silly putty into Sophie's hair. Shit. I can't imagine an outcome that does not involve scissors. Thankfully Sophie oozes style and confidence, and can carry off any hairdo.

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