Help Kick Some Political Ass for Autism

Mary Beth Williams of Wampum is trying to win a seat in the Maine House of Representatives in this Tuesday's election. There are many reasons why she, and not the members of the good old boy network she's battling against, deserves that seat.

A critical reason is that she is a tireless autism advocate, and we need more people like her in the government, at all levels. She is also brilliant, and is the kind of Democrat I dream about. Dwight Meredith, another Wampum author, has spelled out the rest of the reasons more eloquently than I can.

Again, the election is on Tuesday. She needs your help--her campaign isn't funded as well as those of her adversaries. Even if you can only donate $5, I suspect it will help. You can donate from links on both the main Wampum page, and on her campaign page.

Mary Beth, we are rooting for you, and only wish we could vote for you, too.

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