The Hypochondriac Cha-Cha-Cha

Turns out that cramping at 14 weeks is totally normal (although it's never happened to me before). My OB says, patiently and without letting on how annoying my hypochondria is to her, that as long as it doesn't hurt when I pee, I'm not bleeding, and I don't have lower back pain, I am fine. She thinks that it's probably brought on by my low fluid intake (yes, Kim, you were right), since I don't like to drink anything when I'm nauseous.

I said "So, can I work it, then? Should I be taking it easy?" She said "Sure. But you should be taking it easy anyhow while you're pregnant." Oh, yeah.

Yesterday we bid a tearful farewell for real to JM and her girls. Iz sobbed all the way home from the park. She wants to get on a plane right now and go visit.

My cousin JP gifted me a huge box o' maternity duds. Many are very cool. Today I am sporting a slinky black dress, bangles, and makeup, just because I can. And because I should take of advantage of this lull before my pregnancy potato nose appears. Hopefully no one will look at my prickly unshaven legs.

I am trying to lure Therapist L up to Seattle for our visit there next month. Leelo does so much better when his therapy breaks are shortened, and she would get to have a faboo vacation--in the afternoons. I am definitely working the fabulouness of Seymour's folks' place angle "...and you can walk right out the door to the dock and get on a SeaDoo and ride all over the lake and it's only 7 minutes from downtown and there are hiking trails everywhere and they cook gourmet meals every night and and and..." A very lovely alternate reality that I hope appeals to her sufficiently.

She's going to let us know on Monday. Fingers crossed.

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