Off to the wilds of Northern BC. In two hours. Herding two and 1/2 kids by myself, as Seymour's in the vacation hours hole and can't join us for a couple of days. I am brave and strong and have done this many times! But, Aiiigh! There are still errands to be run and much packing to be done. FUCK.

I believe this may have to be a coffee day. Sorry, little nugget. We are at 18 weeks, you and I; I'm guessing you're strong enough to take one or two caffeine jolts.

My crew and I return on the 11th. I will be offline during the interim. But before we go, I'd like to profess my undying love for Jo the airport chauffeur, Badger the genealogy wizard and bringer of bleach, and Ep the house, cat, plant, and fish tender. My friends rock the Casbah.

Goodbye/Au Revoir! (got to get ready to be in Canada).

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