Heydilly Ho

This was an exhausting but fun trip. I am happy happy happy to be back in my own house.

I failed utterly to find souvenir underwear for Badger. Sigh.

My new very favorite movie theater in the whole universe is the Cinerimerama in Seattle. Because they have only one giant, awe-inspiring screen, it is no big deal to take a potty break--they pipe the movie's audio into the restrooms. Plus they have a family bathroom, something I've never once seen in a theatre. And SpideyToo was awesome, goofy fun.

Iz quote to record before I forget about it: "Using the head (potty) is difficult when you're a child who is wearing a life jacket." Maybe you had to be there to chortle over this statement, delivered, deadpan, in her squeaky little five-year-old's voice.

Also, I got to meet the delightful Chasmyn and you didn't. My life is so much the more enriched than yours. Nyah!

I am going to go collapse. In my OWN bed. Rah for me.

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