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Leelo had another howling fit in the middle of the night. Uncharacteristically, he went back to sleep after only 30 minutes of plucking at my elbow. Unfairly, I am still awake. So a pleasant good farking morning to you.

The in-house interview went well yesterday, I think. But I've spent so much time drifting through Autism Land; it's hard to remember everyone else hasn't spent the last 18 months here. The reporter, nice as she was, was starting from scratch. I probably firehosed her. We'll see how much information, and in what form, filtered through.

Turns out yesterday's interview was for a wholly separate, more general autism article. The Leelo's Day story ran on the front page yesterday, and, as an example of questionable filtering, made me sound like a superstitious twit. That's okay, since the point was to showcase JM's photography and get him some business--Leelo was merely the hook.

Once the reporter and photographer left, I crumpled. Too many hours spent frantically cleaning (What if they take a picture with some of the outside toys? They're filthy! Must scrub them all!) and a forbidden shot of coffee fuel set me up for a major energy crash. Thankfully the kids were happy and distracted by pool time and, later on, mellow park time with Ep and Co. at strangely empty Ford Madox Ford (snarf snarf--you locals have probably made the name connection before, but it only now occurred to me).

Let's see how today goes. Five hours of sleep and already empty tanks. Should be interesting. At least we've babysitting tonight. Praise be!

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