More Before I Forgets

Looks like mom and dad won't be here until midnight, so I am madly uploading trip pix and videos in the office/guest room. Images will be broadcast, in abundance, soon.

Has anyone seen the Leelo's Day show yet? I will take my folks to see it tomorrow, if it is up.

Speaking of los padres, my folks want to do a house swap for the months of November, December, and January. If you know anyone who lives in or around Deadwood City, and would prefer to spend those three wintry months in a sunny, warm, 3bd/4ba La Jollla condo 2 blocks from Windanssea Beach with an easy walk to downtown, let me know.

Iz finally seems into learning Spanish. She has her basic little libros, can read them with fairly decent pronunciation, and has taken to quizzing us instead of the other way 'round. She's picking it up so fast that I'm getting less worried about the transition.

Seymour's dad, on the other hand, had barely contained contempt for our fretting. We got the full dish about his twelve-year-old little immigrant butt being thrown into an English only, sink-or-swim classroom. He then spent a good while mooning to Iz about the beauty and consistency of Spanish (he's fluent), and the horrors of trying to grasp English inconsistencies.

And finally, fun fun fun via Waiting for Nat. This is the closest to me I could get:

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