Slow and Snarky

Briefly, before I forget:

Best moment of vacation: Leelo waking up yesterday morning, realizing that it was me and not that Seattle babysitter who put him to bed the night before, breaking into a huge smile and springing up to give me a great big hug.

Possible nadir: Iz telling Seymour's parents, "Mommy says that only she is allowed to hit Daddy."

I am having a slow, slow, slow day. Vacation recovery time is lengthy for me. Seymour is trying to pick up the slack and be Proactive Man, which I appreciate, but I am still wrecked.

Also, I love my parents, and I realize that they have to drive back from the family reunion extravaganza at some point, but do they have to start their visit tonight? Tomorrow morning was to be my first non-ill and completely child-free morning in three weeks. I was bursting with anticipation and delight, and now am all deflated. Ungrateful wretch that I am.

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