Bloody Hell!

Leelo's morning therapist cancelled, and his afternoon therapist is on a two-week break. FUCK. No rest for the wreck-ed.

A quick look in the mirror reveals that my summer staple, ribbed tank tops, now make me look like I've got a beer belly. And not in a cute way. Niiiice. Regardless, I will wear one this last time because I am evil and can't resist making the uppity types at the pool pretend they're not looking at my tattoos.

Leelo has been nutty for the past few days, as I've noted. Then, lo and behold, his nose started running yesterday afternoon. Aha! He loses it when he's sick. His nuttiness is the pre-illness equivalent to PMS. Someday I will learn this.

Good Leelo note: He dropped his cup at the park yesterday. I asked him, once, to please pick it up and bring it to me (using the pronoun rather than "Mommy"). And he did! Then the clouds parted and the angels sang and we all went and had veggie sushi in the great restaurant where the trains go right by the window every five minutes and they have the best mochi ice cream anywhere.

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