Cephalopod Fashion Advice

Take my advice, ladies. If you are short, stacked, and pregnant, all patterned dresses will make you look like an overstuffed throw pillow. Don't bother. Dark tops and all the patterned bottoms you want, sure, but dresses need to be solid colored, and preferably dark. The one exception might be an excellent wrap dress Dee sent me--it looked good six weeks ago.

Also, whoever put that shmancy maternity shop on Santa Ana Row next to a frickin' Ben & Jerrry's is pure evil. Cackling, rubbing-hands, "My dastardly plan has worked!"-style evil. Bastard.

I can really only laugh at my body from this point on. I don't have anything resembling a cute little bump. Instead, my entire abdominal cavity, from my diaphragm down, is steadily inflating. My charming daughter told me yesterday that, because my top half is so big, wearing shorts makes me look silly.

The Leelo's Day article was not in today's paper. Tomorrow, then. Also, the online edition of the paper is not fully functional, e.g., their last published online edition is for July 6. I may end up scanning the article instead. Depends on how big it is. Or, as Badger noted, whether or not it pisses me off.

Leelo himself is having a fantastic day. His OT therapist reported that this morning's session was fully of appropriate listening and responses, and spontaneous requests.

Then she told me that she'd be moving out of the area next month. God fucking damn it! This is the second OT defection in six months!

Right. I'm off to my 20-week OB checkup. Where they'll schedule me for my level two ultrasound, and hopefully won't have saved any horrible AFP test results to tell me in person.

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