What to Do, What to Do

We haven't told Iz about her great-grandmother's dying yet. Aside from goldfishies and plants, this will be her first experience with Death, and I'm not sure how to handle it. But I suspect we'd better hurry, as we're going to have a picnic dinner at the park with her cousins Danielle and Elise, and I just got an email from their grandmother, saying how sorry she is for our loss--and that Danielle was the one who told her.

As for our other child, he knows who his GG is, but the concept of death means nothing to him. I guess we'll tell him anyhow.

Speaking of Leelo, his photo exhibit is fantastic. Damn, our boy is cute! The photos are beautifully mounted and just the right size. I hope Seymour, Iz, and Therapist L don't mind that JM didn't select their pictures. JM ended up writing up his own take on the photos and what they meant, and expressed himself so touchingly that my he got my mom to cry.

I am on my way back over to the cafe right now. JM's publicist friend arranged for a Leelo's Day article in the San Mattteo Times, and the reporter wants to interview me. Hokay...maybe the paper hasn't run an autism article recently, and they need to meet their quarterly quota. Whatever. If it helps JM's photography business and helps spread the good word about ABA therapy, then I'm happy to be their dancing monkey.

The reporter also wants to get a photo of Leelo at the exhibit. I hope her photographer has lots of patience.

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