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We are having a sad day over here at Casa Rosenberg. Seymour's grandmother is quite ill. I am not much of a pray-er, but I am doing my best, as there are too many unfair things happening to her right now.

The present is leaden and gray. Mostly. Except for Leelo's getting back into Iron Gate nursery school for the Fall (it's the co-op devil I know). So I will write about the past instead. Here are some images from our trip to Burns, B.C., and Seattle, WA:

The fabulous 'KSan project. Living history, contemporary culture. I was agog. Leelo (foreground, running away) thought the great big lawn was fantastic. Iz and her cousins preferred picking wild raspberries to the presentations. I don't care--I got to see real copper shields and bentwood boxes, so I am happy.

I love fish almost as much as I love goats. Here is Iz with one of my favorite totem symbols, the halibut.

The bulk of the family reunion took place over two days, at this lovely lakeside yard belonging to my auntie's sister. We had bocce, boating, innertubing, fireworks, and a spit-roasted whole lamb (fun keeping Leelo away from the roasting pit, oh yes).

The ten grandcousins are spaced amusingly. From nine year old Nicole to three year old Kennedy, we have only girls (a wolfish pack of them). From stripey-pants wearing Leelo to four month old Picard, we have only boys--all wearing Leelo hand-me-downs. This made me realize that, save disastrous amounts of barfing, #3 may indeed get some nuclear family heirloom garments.

Hey, look! It's a really crappy picture of Seattle! I have about 20 of these on my hard drive. (No, this will be the perfect picture of downtown.)

We passed Gasworks Park during our lake outing, which made me think of SJ Alexander and how much I miss her blog. SJ's Frenchie, Chasmyn's Quinn, and my Leelo (not to mention MB's Sophie2) were all born within three weeks of each other, and I jonesed like a junkie over every Frenchie update. That little girl was my peephole to the alternate universe of typical Leelo-aged kids. And her mom was funnier than fuck.

This is Iz using the head. Does she look happy? No, she does not. I refer you to her quote of three or four posts ago.

I don't have any pictures of the Merser Island kiddie parade and festival we attended, because I kept clenching my jaws and fists too tightly to use a camera. This happened mostly because Stepford parents sporting Bush/Cheney '94 stickers kept walking by me, and it was either make my palms bleed, or jump them in full view of Seymour's folks. Sigh.

Bringing Therapist L to Seattle made the trip that much better. Seymour's folks were a bit stressed what with taking care of his grandmother, but they remained unflaggingly generous and hospitable, and took all the time they could to hang with Leelo and Iz. And the four of us got to visit with Seymour's grandmother as recently as Saturday. I am grateful for that.

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