Bits About Three Bits

Iz tried to pull the "I barfed" thing at school again today. Neither the school nurse nor I bought it, though--she was told that she'll need to present physical evidence next time.

Yesterday she told me that she'd changed her mind about her nemesis Sanchez, and that she really did want to invite him to her birthday party. She asked me if we could have a sorting hat at the party. I said okay. She then asked me to make sure the sorting hat put Sanchez in S1ytherin (her idea of the worst punishment possible). Did I mention that I recently had her look up "cunning" in the dictionary?

Leelo is still loopy. He's been chewing on eveything again, and ignoring our requests even when we get in his face. But the language is still there, the evidence of increased comprehension is still there. His therapists are pleased. Saying things like "I'm looking for Ada," about a train he hasn't played with or even mentioned for a year. He is also sneaky enough to know that if he doesn't want to do something, he can say, "I need to go potty" and I will instantly drop the challenge to shuttle him off to the happy land of penis access.

He's got the trots, though. Possibly because I let him have some dried raspberries yesterday. Poor boy, I really do need to make an appointment with a nutritionist. He might also have a runny nose.

Now that teething is all done, Mali is back to being the most social baby I've ever encountered. And the most systematically destructive. And the cleverest. (Just as all your babies are the friendliest, most energetic, and smartest, to be sure.) Today she spent a good long time turned around in her high chair, pointing to the individual letters in the chair's logo and (I swear!) trying to say, "What's that?"

She also took every single item out of the lowest drawer of her dresser and spread them all over the office floor. Upstairs she did the same thing with Leelo's trains, the stuffed animals, and two shelves of books. Thankfully Murphy came and rehung the doors on the art cabinet, so those supplies at least are off limits until she grows tall enough to reach the door handles.

Late late late. Good night.

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