Tomorrow the New Era Begins

Another Iron Gate meeting. Sigh. More nattering on about developmental and parenting topics that have no relevance to Leelo's life. This time about unconditiona1 parenting, which in my opinion can be boiled down to "take time to be thoughtful when you speak to your kids" and a bunch of other crap about how empty praise is on the same continuum as punishment, how kids should feel you love them all the time, not just when they're doing something praiseworthy.

I really do think most parenting books need to go straight back to their papermill of origin.

I am also thinking increasingly about why our boy is spending four afternoons a week at Iron Gate when instead he could be at home doing more intensive therapy with the occasional playgroup. Especially when shitty little girls refuse to respond to his overtures or greetings, turning away from him like he's not actually there, not actually a child like they are, and telling the adult attempting to facilitate that "I'm just so tired today."

I used to feel bad about cornering a pediatrician Iron Gate parent and asking about Leelo's various ailments--however tonight I saw her cornering Sage with speech therapy questions. No more guilt for me! I will ask Sage if she has a signal I should watch out for if she ever needs to be extracted from such scenarios. Although admittedly I spent very little of the evening being social. Not like Miss Mali, the unabashed life (and soundtrack) of the party.

Leelo himself is right back in loopyland, with expressive language and eye contact at about 15% of what they were during his lovely September/August. He's just not a good performing monkey right now. I blame sugar, I blame two weeks without B12 shots (we ran out), I blame our nutso schedule, I blame the stars in the sky.

Not that he's lost language, or even stopped gaining it. He's been telling everyone whenever Seymour or I heed nature's call: "Daddy's/Mommy's in the potty." Using generalized language like, "I want food," or, "Let's take this with us," the latter about bringing a favorite ball upstairs.

He's been showing more evidence of his keen memory and powers of observation and hearing, in telling us, "I want to go to the pool," when we visit an estate he's only been to once, months ago, and which he entered from the opposite gate. In saying "I want to go see Sage" after overhearing me talking on the phone about how his next appointment is with her.

He is still, as always, snuggly, darling, and a delightful boy.

Iz finished HP5 after a break when HP's godfather passed, because she was angry about his character dying and didn't want to keep reading the series if more important characters were going to be killed. She has also decided that her next reading series is going to be Quicksi1ver, The C0nfusion, and The System 0f the Wor1d, "because HP5 was over 800 pages and those books are over 1000 pages and I'm ready for 1000 page books now." I suggested my one-volume edition of L0TR instead.

I will admit that her focusing on page count rather than content or story is teeth-gnashingly worrisome to me. Reading for show rather than fulfillment and all that. Forcing herself onto books she's not ready for and being put off them for life. Badger and Jo, prop me up and tell me not to fret.

Also let me know if you'd like a copy of Iz's school picture, which just came back. In it she arranged her braids like her favorite picture of G0ldberry. Also her slight exotropia is evident because they took off her glasses, the turds. Still a very cute photo.

Mali continues to be hard-core extrovert baby. Wants everyone's attention, all the time. Destroys everything she touches (latest: reaching up and snapping off my necklace). Very, very, very cute with her wispy curls and goofy smile and constant waving to/greeting of every person she encounters. Very adept cruising. Had a good session with Jane the Iron Gate nursery aide--only a few minutes of screaming this week. Whew. Still wants me all the time, snuggles right into my side like the cuddly parasite she is all night long.

So, if you're wondering if I want anything for my birthday tomorrow, the answer is YES. I want you to come play with this fucking baby for an hour so I can have some time to myself.

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