She's Only Six, for F**k's Sake

Seymour, Leelo, Mali, and I just returned from the wedding weekend from hell (more on that later). Iz is not with us because we handed her off to Aunt Bree, who is taking her down to La J0lla to hang with my folks for a few days. I miss that little shit already.

We had to leave the wedding reception early because it was stressing Leelo out. Bree and James (Seymour's brother) graciously agreed to let Iz ride out the reception with them because she was having so much fun with her cousins, their daughters Mira (5) and Kylie (2.5).

Three hours later a nonplussed looking Iz was dropped at our hotel room door by an equally nonplussed looking Uncle James. Turns out Iz and Mira had made one of Iz's signature potions out

Seymour coffee, and he was a good kid. Need to have perfect kids, why?

Iz' teacher worried about this more than actual incidents, worried about long-term peer scenarios. Also thinks she's odd because she told the middle school teacher that she wouldn't be attending 5th grade at Esperanza since she was already down for H0gwarts. Used to worry that she didn't pretend! Also called another kid at the wedding a mudblood, worst insult ever.

----------I found this draft in the woodpile and am publishing it as is------------

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