Fuck You, Part II

I think I forgot to mention that the twit about whom I wrote this post is at Iron Gate this year. She hasn't changed.

During tonight's Iron Gate meeting, Teacher P was discussing sensory integration and how some children who seek deep pressure find it soothing to wear heavy, weighted vests. The Twit then brayed, "Maybe they should just chain them to the floor!"

Can you fucking believe it? Can you believe the insensitivity, knowing that at least three parents in the class have kids with sensory needs?

I hope everyone in class saw the instant looks of horror on my and Sage's faces, and the disgusted looks we gave each other from across the room for the next few minutes.

Otherwise, tonight was actually a useful and interesting Iron Gate night class, in which Teacher P described her weekly in-class sensory integration program (something Leelo will get quite a lot out of if we can get him to participate). And the parents' comments almost got good and raunchy when Teacher P started discussing the role of vibrators in the program. (Apparently we can't let the kids use them near their private parts, and we can't write them off for tax purposes if we buy them at G00d Vibrations.)

I even got to amuse myself and Laurie my seatmate:

Teacher P: "...some people think that caesarian-born children or children who didn't go through at least four hours of labor have proprioreception problems because of insufficient pressure sustained during the birthing process."

Me, under my breath: "Yeah, tell that to my BUTT."

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