Don't Tell Iz You Heard This Story

Iz (banging on the door): Mommy! I need to use the potty!
Me (bathing and reading, blessedly alone): Iz, go upstairs. I'm taking a bath.
Iz: Pleeease! I really need to go!
Me (grumbling): Oh, fine, go ahead. I'll slide the bath door closed so I don't suffocate.
Iz: Thank you!!!

She flouces in and does her business, then hops up to take a look at the results.

Iz: Mommy! It looks like a rosette and a serpent! I bet this signifies that I'll be going to H0gwarts when I'm eleven!
Me: (Grateful that I'm already lying down, really trying not to laugh): Mmmm. And that you'll be in S1ytherin, heh heh.

Later on I told the story to Seymour.

Seymour: A serpent, eh? Iz, does that mean you're a Parselbum?
Iz: (Can't help laughing, but also mortified): Daddy!

Lately she has been fascinated by compound words. Even more so since I told her that compound words make very popular, creative, and satisfying insults, using beloved examples "fartknocker" and "cakesniffer."

She's still got a few gaps in her comprehension of the concept, though, as she tried to convince me that "compound" was itself a compound word. When I told her that "com" was not a word in this case so much as a prefix, she said, "But, mommy, what about dot com?"

She and Seymour are off daddy/daughter camping for the weekend. I wish them luck and only a light bit of the forecasted rain (I didn't read the weather report and I guess neither did the weekend's eight participating families).

I remain home with the two little menaces. I kept Mali awake until Babysitter A arrived to play with Leelo, with the intention of nursing the baby asleep and having a glorious hour or so to myself for the first daylight time since Monday. However Miss Mali only felt like sleeping for 10 minutes. I then conscripted Eliz for an impromptu inaugural gig as a mother's helper. Except Mali was only a happy playful baby for the first 30 minutes. Now Eliz is upstairs reading and Mali is sleeping on my lap, having been nursed asleep yet again, successfully. Sigh.

Leelo has been noticeably loopy yesterday and today, with more vocalizing and stim behaviors than we've seen in a long time. But--the language is still there. Yesterday he looked at the mind-trippy B00hbahs we'd Tiv0'd and correctly observed, "They're dancing!" Today he wanted me to come away from the computer and so told me, "Time to get off the chair, Mommy."

I also like the fact that he tries to wiggle away from his Therapists, Babysitter A, and Seymour by announcing, "I want to go see Mommy!" Little brownnoser. (hey another example!)

BTW, I've finally updated the about file, seeing as I'm no longer pregnant.

Off to dinner with Jo and sprogs. Manny is out of town, too. It'll be a stripped down version of our usual chaos fest.

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