Light at the Bottom of the Honey Bucket

Today at the pumpkin patch, Leelo peed in a porta-potty for the very first time.

After we came home, I caught him assuming his favored downloading position (he puts the pad from his toy bench on the floor, lies tummy down, and raises his bottom ever so slightly). So I whisked him off to the potty. Where he did a partial download himself, with fewer protests than usual. Progress.

When Seymour came home tonight, Leelo did not greet him at the door as he usually does. Seymour went looking, and found Leelo on the downstairs potty, atop a gloriously golden bowl. Our boy went pee in the pot all by himself! First time ever.

I am ready to set up an altar dedicated to Pu11ups, which--in addition to the intensive efforts from his team--I think are at the root of all these potty pleasures. They have magic micro-velcro sides, making them a true diaper/underwear hybrid. Leelo can pull them down and up like real drawers, I can get them on and off him without removing his pants, yet they still absorb five fluid gallons before springing a leak. We switched to them full time a few days ago. Leelo is not going back to diapers, not ever.

All in all I am feeling cheery. Although I will in the future remind my depleted self that blood donation days and pumpkin patch days should be separate days.

Here are some pumpkin pictures:

Iz launching herself from the hay bale pyramid.

Merlin airborne.

Sophie aloft.

Leelo pumpkining. Unfortunately I can't upload the related video, which shows him skipping through the squashes.

A final first: Leelo pays affectionate attention to Mali!

No, wait. Another final first: Leelo imitated me smiling today, upon being prompted. It was with a rictus grin, but it was also the first time he's acknowledged that there are such things as smiles. Oooh happy day.

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