Bad Timing, Leelo

Bad Timing, Leelo

Things are getting really nutty around here what with cleaning and purging and repairing and prepping our house to be not our house anymore. And Leelo is picking up on it. And has refused to go to sleep before 10:30 for the past five nights. He is awake right now, cackling in his bed like a lunatic.

At this very moment I am supposed to be getting the house ready so that realtors can come by in the morning and help our own realtor figure out what this place is actually worth (which, for many reasons, I hope is close to what our realtor originally estimated). I have been working very very hard over the past week or so to be methodical in my pre-moving preparations so as to avoid the ol' "Sweep everything into a box to be sorted out later," but given how tired I am and how not-tired Leelo is and the lack of free time I had during the day, I might just have to wake up early and start piling crap in boxes to hide in my closet. Damn it all.

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