Helpful Happy Nice Big Brother Leelo

Helpful Happy Nice Big Brother Leelo

Forgot to mention two items of very exciting Leelo behavioral/interaction news

Yesterday when Leelo's aide Rosie was over, she made him a PB&J sandwich. Apparently he didn't like the way she did it so he took her hand and showed her the right way to make him a sandwich. I did not know he could do that. Wow.

He has been very sweet with Mali. He gave her his coveted bag of goldfish crackers when I asked him to do so; he also spontaneously gave her one of his new straws when she asked for it. Those are both *huge* as those are two of his favorite objects ever. He really is such an innately sweet boy.



Also when he saw Mali drinking from a juice box, he went in the cupboard and got one for himself instead of stealing hers.

He spontaneously asked Babysitter A: "Let's go sit on the stool and do a puzzle." Which he did! Also when they were reading his "Leelo's New House" book, he started talking about "Mommy and Daddy." Also one of his stimmy verbal pairs today was "Mommy and Leelo! Mommy and Leelo!" which I of course liked a lot.

And wait! Leelo just told Seymour that he needed to go #2, and did so in the pot ... Lots of OMG happening over here today ...

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